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Skin diseases are very common in dogs and cats and are one of the top reasons why owners seek veterinary care for their pet. They can be very frustrating and challenging to treat without proper knowledge and performing diagnostic tests.

The most common initial symptom of skin problems in dogs and cats is itching.  When pets scratch, lick and chew the affected area it can create secondary infections from bacteria and other microbes.  

Commonly we see many pets that have:

  • Excessive itchiness

  • Ear infections

  • Allergic reactions to fleas, food or environment

  • Parasitic infections – fleas or mites

  • Hair loss

  • Nail Disease

  • Scabbing

  • Auto-immune skin disease

  • Skin infections

The veterinarians at Northside are equipped to treat a wide variety of skin conditions and can discuss options that will help your pet. Most problems are manageable and many can be avoided with proper care, but it is important to detect the underlying cause. We offer allergy testing, cytology, skin biopsies and cultures.  

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